Today's happening made me so irritated.
I had an English class today and explained about an article to classmates in English. It was so hard because many difficult words which were not easy to explain in English for me appeared in the article. For example, "the statute of limitation", "the Diet", and "investigative authorities"...
Why had I choose this article? Explaining in English was difficult to me.

And this happening made me decide to practice of explaining things in simple English.

On April 27, a bill which is making to end of limits for murder cases and double limits for other crimes result in death became a law. This law will be applied past cases.
A head of the group supporting victims and their family said "I welcome this law."
But a group of lawyers said because of long research time, if investigators make mistake when they hand out item which proofs crime to their next person, it could be an innocent people will be arrested.